Masterplan Supports Residents

The latest draft of the much-publicised Aberystwyth Masterplan leaves the Bronglais and Buarth areas alone in terms of the kind of major developments planned for other areas of town. In this area, the plan says, “The quality of life for residents should be maintained and enhanced”. It does, however, make traffic recommendations for the area which have not been mentioned in local press coverage:
* All streets on the Buarth becoming a restricted access area for residents and services only.
* The closure of Pound Place at the Northgate Street end in order to simplify the Cŵps Corner junction.
* Extending the Plas Crug Avenue pedestrian and cycle path through to Llanbadarn
* The de-trunking of Llanbadarn Road and Penglais Hill – this would allow through-traffic to be signposted around, rather than through, the town and so reduce congestion.
* An additional Park & Ride at the top of Penglais Hill
* One idea (a suggestion rather than a recommendation) is the demolition of the five houses on the town side of Thespian Street between North Parade and Cambrian Street to allow Thespian Street to become a two-way street. This would be coupled with a re-vamped junction with Northgate Street, North Parade and Queens Road to allow more direct access to the sea front.

In addition, Plas Crug Avenue, Vicarage Fields and Llanbadarn Road Cemetery are listed as important green spaces that must be maintained.

Other recommendations in the plan which would positively affect the Bronglais and Buarth areas are:
* Residents parking areas to be identified and policed
* De-criminalisation of parking, i.e. the transfer of parking control from the police to the County Council. This would enable the money from parking fines, which currently goes to the UK Treasury, to be used locally to employ enough traffic wardens to enforce parking controls.

It must be remembered that these are long-terms ideas and that the County Council has a history of not acting on recommendations made in reports such as this. However it is important that people know what these outside experts commissioned by the Council are saying. All their suggestions will be given consideration.

You can receive an e-mail copy of the Aberystwyth Masterplan, in either Welsh or English, by sending a message to alunw@ceredigion.gov.uk


  1. Annwyl Alun,
    This is very clear and informative. Any update on plans or is all in abeyance now with the Icelandic funds on hold?
    Hwyl, Sue

  2. The County Council's Highways Department sees the next step in the process as the building of a multi-storey car park on Mill Street car park. This would provide somewhere for the cars that would be displaced by residents' parking areas. They're working with various companies on plans for Mill Street and it's hoped that a planning application will be submitted next year. Of course, the current world financial crisis may make these companies more cautious about investing.

  3. I hear that investors aren't interested in the mill street multi-storey carpark without confirmation of the site 3 development by companies such as M&S and Debenhams? Will you shine some light on the matter?

  4. Yes, the two sites are very much linked. Here's a quote from the Cabinet report for their meeting on 24th February 2009:
    "The study suggests that the Mill Street car park development proposal in isolation would increase retail spend in Aberystwyth by some £2.5m per annum. The department store development carried out in isolation would improve retail spend for the town by £4.8m per annum. However if both projects can be brought forward, the advice received is that the town's retail economy would benefit from an additional annual spend of some £11m".

    For the full Cabinet report go to http://www.ceredigion.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=11883
    and click on 'Canol Tref Aberystwyth' or 'Aberystwyth Town Centre'.