Cemetery Trees Saved

A plan to drastically cut back trees along the pathway at the Llanbadarn Road entrance to Aberystwyth Cemetery has been halted. I happened to be walking by as the first tree was being cut down and succeeded in stopping any further work on the trees which create a tunnel effect along the pathway.

The majority of local residents consulted did not want to see the trees removed and, after further discussions, it was agreed not to continue with the work for the time being and to trim the trees much less drastically at a future date.

In the next few months the Council will be renewing gates, walls and pathways around the cemetery to enhance its appearance and improve access for the many people who walk through it.

The Council is now working with the Greener Aberystwyth Group (GAG) to produce a management plan for the long-term future of the cemetery. GAG can be contacted by e-mail at