Pa Mor Wyrdd yw Cyngor Ceredigion? - Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus / How Green is Ceredigion Council? - Public Meeting

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Transition Town Aberystwyth are holding a public meeting in the Morlan, Queens Road at 7pm on Thursday with the aim of getting environmental campaigners and the County Council talking together.

The meeting will hear from Huw Williams (Assistant Director of Environmental Services) and Garfield Williams (Director of Engineering) and will then be thrown open for questions and discussion. Huw Williams in particular has suggestions for how funding can be accessed by Transition Town and the Council working together.

People often ask why the Council doesn't do more for environmental sustainability and I usually agree with them. At the same time I'm aware of good initiatives the Council is taking that are not well-known. I'd like to see environmentalists and the Council talking and understanding each other better so they can work more closely together in the future.