Poster Campaign Launched to Save Small Shops

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Cadw Calon Aberystwyth, who are campaigning for sensitive development in the centre of Aberystwyth and against the County Council's current proposals, have launched their new poster which it is hoped will be displayed in dozens of shops in the town.

The level of support for the campaign from small traders has been dramatically demonstrated in this week's Cambrian News where no fewer than 46 small businesses across the town have funded a two page advertisement on pages 14 & 15 explaining their opposition to the proposed demolition of 16 shops and many more homes in the town centre to make way for a Debenhams department store. So great was the support within the town's business community for this unprecedented advert that several shops could not be included due to lack of space.

Cadw Calon Aberystwyth are keen to emphasise that they positively support new development so long as this respects the historic buildings and small shops of the town.