Vote Plaid in Euros urges Monbiot

George Monbiot, one of the UK's most respected environmentalists, has today urged people in Wales to vote for Plaid Cymru and Jill Evans (pictured) in tomorrow's European Elections.

Writing in the Guardian about voting choices for green-minded people, Monbiot, who lives in Machynlleth, says,
"Living in Wales, the choice isn't hard for me. Plaid Cymru, in its present incarnation, is a green, progressive, effective political force. I see little point in splitting the vote between parties with politics like mine, and while the Green candidates appear to be likeable people, they are always going to be playing catch-up here."

Meanwhile, in a further endorsement by the green movement, the lobby group Protecting Animals in Democracy have given Jill Evans, Plaid's sitting Euro MP, top marks in her voting record on animal rights in the European Parliament.

The group says,
"Congratulations and thanks to Jill Evans, PC's MEP in Wales, for scoring a perfect +15 in her votes on animal experimentation. It might be worth considering voting for them in Wales for tactical reasons as the best party with a good chance of winning a seat."

The scores given to all parties are listed here. They were judged on their voting record in the European Parliament using a range of scores between -15 and +15:
Plaid Cymru +15
Greens +15
Labour +7.95
Lib Dems +3.55
UKIP +1.38
SNP -6.5
Conservatives -13.07