2.5% Council Tax rise in Ceredigion

Ceredigion Council voted on Thursday for a 2.5% rise in Council Tax in the coming financial year. The Plaid Cymru group proposed keeping the rise down to 2% on the basis that a substantial amount of money is now available from the Housing Revenue Account which could be used to keep the increase down. This money was set aside for spending on council house maintenance but remained unspent (why, you may ask) and now cannot be used for its original purpose following the transfer of council housing to Tai Ceredigion. However the ruling Independent/Lib Dem group argued that savings such as this should be kept back in order to soften expected serious public sector cuts in future years.

The meeting, held at St Peter’s Church Hall in Lampeter, was highly contentious with the Chair being accused of showing favouritism by frequently asking Plaid councillors to keep their contributions brief whilst allowing his own side to speak unhindered.