Aberystwyth Passport Office to close

It pales into insignificance compared to the 245 job losses in Newport, where there was a major demonstration today, but four part-time jobs are under threat at the Aberystwyth Passport and Identity Office in Northgate Street (above) which currently opens two days a week.  It's now been announced that the Aberystwyth office, together with local offices in Swansea and Wrecsam, will close in September 2011. The passport service are apparently looking to provide mobile facilities elsewhere in the area, although where or how has not yet been established.


  1. I'm not really bothered about politics, but you would have thought that the local MP could have been bothered to at least say something about this!

    After all he is part of the coalition closing down these services and cutting social benefits.

  2. Alas this is bad news that Mark will stay well clear of. I wonder what the Cambrian News will make of it?