Welsh tweeters at number three in the world's small languages

Welsh has the third highest number of Twitter users of all the world's minority languages, according to the blog Indigenous Tweets, with users in Aberystwyth being central to the scene.

The most prolific minority language group on Twitter is Haitian Creole with Basque next and then Welsh, followed by Frisian and Setswana,  a South African language. The site, which lists all Twitter users of minority languages in incredible detail (for example, apparently 29.5% of my tweets are in Welsh), records 1598 people as using Welsh on Twitter. The next highest Celtic language is Irish Gaelic on 771.

The Indigenous Tweets project aims to increase further the use of minority languages on Twitter. Any Welsh tweeters not on their lists can get themselves added. More information here.

Diolch i Hacio'r Iaith am adnabod y stori.


  1. Good news Alun - and good to see you today at my 'How many aircraft carriers would and independent Wales have?' book signing in Waterstones.

    The other interesting development in terms of Welsh and the internet is that there is now a Welsh language twitter feed. It's a development of technology developed by a Basque company, who've rolled it out to catalan and now Welsh. The number of twitters on it is growing daily.

    So, check out: http://cy.umap.eu/

    And for information about it: http://www.codesyntax.com/cs-workshop/blog/topics/umap

    Sion J.

  2. Diolch Sion.

    Sion Jobbins's new book, 'The Phenomenon of Welshness' or 'How many aircraft carriers would an independent Wales have?' is probably available in most bookshops in Wales by now. Details here: http://bit.ly/gqOKg2