Mill Street decision called in

The decision of Ceredigion Council's Cabinet to appoint a developer for Aberystwyth's Mill Street Car Park Scheme has been 'called in' by backbench councillors.

Under the Council's standing orders, a Cabinet decision can be called back for discussion by the wider Council before being enacted. The Cabinet decided, at their meeting on 13th September, to appoint the highest scoring tender for the site ('Bidder A') using a matrix for deciding competing bids set up by the Council under strict European procurement regulations.  The Cabinet voted to authorise Council Officers to agree and finalise all contracts associated with the development and to authorise officers to also explore any further development opportuniites emerging elsewhere in the town. 

Six councillors are required to sign a call-in request and that number was reached only a few hours before today's 5pm deadline. The wider Council will now discuss the plans atv a meeting within the next couple of weeks, although commercial confidentiality rules will prevent this being held in public. The issue will then go back to the next meeting of the Cabinet who will take on board the views of the wider Council but still have the final say. 

Following the call-in, the issue will be discussed in a closed session towards the end of  a meeting of the Economic Development, Tourism and Europe Scrutiny Committee on the morning of Wednesday 28th September. The motion to call-in the decision was signed by councillors Ellen ap Gwynn, Alun Lloyd Jones, Ian ap Dewi, Gareth Davies, John Roberts and myself with support from the committee chair, Liz Evans.


  1. Where does the Day Centre stand in all this ? Will this be revealed to and be discussed by the full Council? I haven't heard any member of the public support its removal to the old Town Hall. I have read many adverse comments about the proposal. Will the Cabinet try and foist a "fait accompli" on the Aberystwyth public?

  2. Cambrian News thinks Tesco will be a major occupier of the site. We need another supermarket like we need a hole in the head. We have Morrison, CK, Iceland, Lidl, the Co-op, several Spars and Aldi have planning permission for a Park Avenue site.

    This proposal seems to involve knocking down houses in front of the Drill Hall and possibly the Day Centre. Madness. If they want more space there is the burnt out chapel site across the road. I think Merlin Homes own this. If they won't sell then a CPO could be considered.

  3. There is no point! The councill have already made their minds up, meeting or no meeting. They don't care about the public and their feelings in all of this, or what is good for this town. I feel for those people that might have to move from their homes and for the day center. WHO cares as long as tesco have their own way!!!!!!!!