Aberystwyth Town Council election results

These are the results of the elections to Aberystwyth Town Council.  

Plaid Cymru is once again the largest party on the Council with 11 of the 19 seats (up one). The Lib Dems have five (down one), with three Independents also represented.

Bronglais (4 seats)
Alun Williams (Plaid) 382
Sue Jones-Davies (Plaid) 336
Endaf Edwards  (Plaid)  277
Chris Griffiths (Plaid)  241
Richard Morgan-Ash (Lib Dem) 144

Canol / Central (3 seats)
Ceredig Davies (Lib Dem) 262
Sarah Bowen  (Lib Dem) 142
Carys Morgan (Plaid)  136
Lefi Gruffudd (Plaid)  131
Carys Ann Thomas (Plaid)  129

Gogledd / North (3 seats)
Mark Strong (Plaid) 352
Aled Davies (Independent) 314
Jeff Smith (Plaid) 209
Dafydd ap Ffranc (Plaid)  169

Penparcau (5 seats)
Steve Davies (Plaid) 500
Dylan Lewis (Independent) 385
Mererid Jones (Plaid)  349
Kevin Price (Plaid)  333
Brenda Haines (Lib Dem) 284
Mark Williams (Conservative) 142
Linden Parker (Lib Dem) 124

Rheidol (4 seats)
Wendy Morris-Twiddy (Lib Dem) 337
Brian Davies (Plaid)  284
Mair Benjamin (Lib Dem)  281
Martin Shewring (Independent) 273
Sam Hearne (Lib Dem) 266


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    I thought Aled Davies was Plaid Cymru . What's happened there ?

  2. He was, but, for his own reasons, which I don't fully understand, decided to stand as an Independent at this election. However he does remain 'Plaid-friendly' (he hasn't fallen out with any Plaid people in Aberystwyth) and has said he will not be joining the Independent group on Ceredigion Council, for which he was re-elected to Rheidol ward.

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    Could his support mean anything at county level ?

  4. It could, although he has said he will abstain from any Council leadership votes and be truly independent, voting on things on an issue by issue basis. This would certainly be helpful on some issues but is not going to affect the group numbers.

  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2012


    Brain Davies?

  6. Well spotted. Now corrected.