Ceredigion appoints first Carbon Manager

Ceredigion Council has made a new commitment to reducing its carbon footprint with the employment of its first Energy and Carbon Reduction Manager.

It will be the new officer’s role to plan, regulate and monitor energy usage within the authority and to bring in changes to improve efficiency.

Over the coming months, the Council intends to update its Carbon Management Plan, which covers non-domestic buildings, business travel, street lighting and fleet vehicles. The new officer will play a vital role in this process.

I’m delighted by this new appointment. For many years now people in Ceredigion have shown that they place a higher than average priority on environmental sustainability and the Council is now aiming to reflect that more in its policies and practices. 


  1. Excellent news

  2. ahh, but, umm, ughh.

    I have spent my working life as a do-er and seen managers employed for various types of initive, some more laudable than others, to collect figures, advise, drive initives and report on progress. To a man and woman, they have all got in the way. Its not their fault, they become the enemy of the line managers who is asked for yet more reporting. They try to dabble in structures they don't really understand with consequences they can't foresee. Give the initive to the line management who should be able to see what changes might work and what will just cause disruption and additional inefficienes. Modify the performance system (balance of consequences, short and long terms, positive and negative) to get the desired outcome. If the line management are not up to the task, then promote them out of the way which seems to be the british traditional approach to a lack of performance in a role.

    2 pounds of the cost of the Carbon Reduction Manager (assume 30k council tax payers and a 60k cost for the head) is going to be added to my CT bill? I would hope one of their goals is to be cost neutral and finding both cost and carbon savings in real terms.

    I fully support the sentiment and intent of the appointment, but forgive me for being very wary that adding a new management post will help. If the officer really does add value overall it will be a real achievement and a rare one at that. That said, I do hope they are very successful, it is an important theme.

  3. Might the job description include a peat conservation strategy, given the peatlands we have in the county and their importance as a carbon store?



  4. A lot of gps for fleet management services have software that tracks the location based on satellite data. This can give information to the user such as the speed, the direction and even the fuel consumption.