Funding cut for Ceredigion despite Welsh Government help

In keeping with the whole public sector, funding for Ceredigion Council is going to fall further in the next financial year, despite receiving a slight increase from the Welsh Government. This is because their increase of 1.23% is below the rate of inflation, currently 2.2%.  

Under the provisional local authority settlements for 2013–2014 outlined by the Welsh Government last week, Ceredigion County Council will receive an increase of 1.23% – marginally above the average increase of 1.22% for Welsh county councils.

Ceredigion’s Assembly Member, Elin Jones, said:
“Despite the swingeing public sector spending cuts being imposed on all levels of government from Westminster, I welcome these provisional figures which suggest that the funding for Ceredigion County Council next year will see a slight increase.
“However, even this small increase remains below the rate of inflation and will equate to a funding cut in real terms. There is therefore no doubt that this will still be a tough settlement for Ceredigion County Council in the face of rising costs and ever increasing demand for its services.
“While Ceredigion will be receiving a slightly above-average increase in funding compared to other Welsh local authorities, I will continue to make the case for us to receive a fair share of the ever-dwindling public purse locally, in order to protect the services we all value”.

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  1. So how many County Councillors, many who have other out side jobs, will be willing to take a pay cut from the public purse? I bet not one and until then I will continue to have no faith that Ceredigion Councillors have the public's best interest at heart. How about you lead the way and take a minimum cut of 0.97%, it may not sound like much but every penny helps and if all 44 Councillor did this maybe we could believe we are all in this together and the Councillors are not just out for them selves, again.

  2. Ceredigion councillors haven't had an increase in pay for the past two or three years now at their own instigation due to the economic situation. I think it was Plaid councillor Ian ap Dewi who proposed this last year and the vote was unanimous. When inflation (currently 2.2%) is taken into account that means a real terms cut each year.

  3. It looks like cuts hit this blog. That looks like a stolen image there. If you paid for it, it wouldn't have the shutter shot watermark on it.

    I have a complaint about education. People keep saying that China doesn't respect intellectual property rights, but it looks like people who work in the UK government don't even understand them.

    In school, intellectual property seems to be no longer taught. Children are encouraged to take whatever images they can find online, regardless of who owns them.

  4. The image came up on the top line of a google image search. As I understand it, it's OK to use because the watermark is an advert for the company. The watermark gets removed if you pay. That's the deal. Anyway, it didn't look good so I've changed it. Thanks

  5. I love the way you politicians throw around the term, "Real Term Cuts". Its not a cut, just didn't get the pay rise you wanted. Cost of living goes up for every one, but do you see the small shop worker, shelf stacker, farmer, get a 2.2% increase? No. we have to tighten our belts even more then before. I really hate the way you government workers make out that your hard done by. Try living in the real world for once and on a real pay salary. Non of you would cope.

  6. "I really hate the way you government workers make out that your hard done by."

    Nowhere have I said councillors are hard done by.

    The real issue isn't about how much councillors get or don't get, it's about cuts imposed by the Westminster government which affect the lives of everyone.

  7. The watermark is like the florescent spray paint that gets thieves when they steal computers. If people in government don't understand intellectual property, well, how can we expect foreign governments to honor them.

    Google image search has every image on the web. You can't just use them because someone else did.

    Anyway, the French are talking about enforcing the law, so Google will have to pay for images when they come up on search. Technically Google doesn't follow the law as far as meta-tags and image permissions go. (It already got sued for Google Books.)

  8. Fair enough. I'll sharpen up on this issue. Looking at other blogs, looks like they need to as well. For the record, the majority of photos on this blog were taken by me.