Aberystwyth Regeneration Area - Latest schemes approved

These are the latest schemes accepted for Regeneration Area funding by the Welsh Government. 

* Coed Aber
£375,000 over three years for a major tree-planting scheme on the approach road to Aberystwyth between Parc y Llyn and the town. £75,000 of this is match funding from Ceredigion Council. The first 125 trees are due to be planted by the end of March.

* Terrace Road Cultural Asset
£50,000 for a feasibility study into revamping the block of buildings including Ceredigion Museum, the Tourist Information Centre and Ty Lisburne. The inside of the museum on the first floor is impressive but the street entrance is so anonymous that many people don’t know it exists. The arcade on the Bath Street side, which should provide a fitting entrance, is closed off.  The study will look at the possibilities of transforming the whole block, including utilising unused rooms. £10,000 is match funding from the County Council.

* Bridge Street Town Improvement Grants
A Town Improvement Grant will be offered in Bridge Street allowing independent retailer’s to bring forward small scale improvements to their properties. This will add conservation value and attractiveness to this part of the town. Owners will be able to apply for 50% of the total eligible costs up to £15,000.

* Promenade Enhancement
£20,000 has been allocated to upgrade the raised flower beds on both the North and South Promenade ready for the 2013 summer season.

* The Bandstand
The bandstand is a key feature on the promenade and has the potential to contribute much more to the vibrancy of the Prom and seafront area. Following consultation and planning for the site, a new two storey building is proposed, housing a cafe on the first floor and community/entertainment space on the ground floor. Funding of £130,000 has been approved to investigate structural issues and other preparatory works. A further £918,750 has been approved in principle for the capital construction.

Unfortunately a scheme to install electric car charging points was rejected by the Board.

Previous schemes approved can be seen here


  1. Trees - great green news!
    Non approval of elec charging points - a lost opportunity.

  2. MORUS Y GWYNTApril 01, 2013

    Do we really need a million pound Bandstand on the prom? How is it that there is money to spend on so called regeneration projects when essential services are suffering cut backs. It doen't make sense.

  3. Morus,
    The money for all these projects is from the Welsh Government to help regenerate Aberystwyth. If it's not spent here it will be spent on similar projects somewhere else. The idea is that being given help to make the town more attractive will increase the money being spent here and thereby improve living standards generally. I realise it seems paradoxical, and you raise a fair question, especially given that today is the day all the Westminster government's benefit cuts are kicking in, but we're just using what's available for the only purpose it's available for. There won't be much more of this in future years so we'd better make the most of it.

    Of course, this Regeneration Area money is a series of one-off capital grants. Most of the money being cut from public services by the government is revenue money, i.e. money being spent on the same things over and over every year. This amounts to massively more money over time than these relatively small capital projects. Cutting capital projects and putting the money back into the revenue pot would be a drop in that ocean and make very little difference to the services being cut.

  4. MORUS Y GWYNTApril 01, 2013

    I understand your explanation but I come back to my original question, do we really need a million pound bandstand? If we say no then the money goes back into the Welsh Government pot to be spent on something else. Well, I have no objection to that as long as the money is spent on something more worthwhile than a bandstand . . . and yet another cafe!

  5. What a load of rubbish. How many new jobs -businesses will this create for locals?

  6. Anonymous
    This is what local people have come up with. Nothing in the list is being imposed on anyone. Have you got any ideas?

  7. People get the wrong idea about regeneration. You can't just create an economy by spending regeneration money. Businesses have to create jobs. Regeneration makes areas look and feel nicer, which helps make areas more attractive to business. But you can't rely on regeneration alone to create jobs. It's all about how much money people have in their pockets. These seem like decent local priorities.