Ceredigion's Review of Traffic Orders

Proposals have been published today by Ceredigion County Council for alterations to hundreds of traffic orders in the county, the most visible of which are roadside yellow lines. The orders haven’t been reviewed for many years and, now that the county's traffic wardens have been back on the streets for almost a year, we thought it was about time the lines were reviewed.

Of course parking restrictions aren’t there to make life difficult for people. They’re there largely to prevent accidents and to prevent roads being blocked by parked cars. The short-term parking places in town centres keeps traffic turning over in order to help trade. However the Council wants to make sure that every parking restriction is still relevant and useful.

All local councillors, who know the issues in their local areas, have been consulted and the total of 440 changes that they've requested have now been published for local residents to comment on by 4th June. The proposals can be seen in full hereSigns have also gone up where changes are proposed and can be viewed in person in Aberystwyth Town Library, Canolfan Rheidol and other council offices around the county.

The proposals would remove yellow lines in many places and add some in others where a need has been identified. But, as whole, they’ll result in a net decrease in yellow lines in the county of 1000 metres, with a further 900 metres where existing restrictions are relaxed. I think this will be welcomed by people.

The intention is to repeat this exercise every year from now on to make sure that parking restrictions remain relevant and have community support.

In case you missed the link in the article (as I'm hearing some people have done), you can see the proposals by clicking on on this link and following the links at the bottom of that page.


  1. Lovendon Road is not included in the proposals. A member of the previous Cabinet suggested to me they might swap the parking to the side of the road next to the Library/Archive/ Day Centre and make it time-limited during the day aimed at people using those facilities. I thought these proposals very sensible. I have not forgotten them yet!

  2. There are some parts of central Aberystwyth where the restrictions are far too complex. Great Darkgate Street [ Stryd Fawr ] is an example. Commercial vehicle loading/unloading in the morning up to 1pm. 30 minutes for domestic vehicles then until 6pm. Taxis only at night. Put all this on the signs in English and Welsh and by the time you have stopped and read it all your 30 minutes is up! Imagine a stranger [ tourist ] who does not speak Welsh coming to town. He sees a couple of vans parked with a gap between. Quick pull in. Glance at sign. See waiting limited to 30 minutes. Just time to buy one small item. Off he goes. Comes back before time expired. Finds a note from Parking Warden on his windscreen. Won't visit Aberystwyth again!

    Please tell me why spaces are reserved for the disabled when most of them put their parking badges on the windscreen and park on double yellow lines with apparent impunity.