Oriel Nwy - Aberystwyth's new art gallery

I'm going to do a bit of trumpet-blowing here. For many years some of us have been asking for permission for this inviting empty space on the main thoroughfare into Aberystwyth to be used by the strong group of local artists we have in Aberystwyth but we had always received a firm 'No' from the County Council who own the building. 

Empty shopfronts never look good and using this vacant space to showcase the work of local artists always seemed like an obvious win-win situation for everyone. The opening of this new Gallery, including work by Mary Lloyd-Jones, is directly the result of intervention since last year's election by Council Leader Ellen ap Gwynn and the arts-friendly Plaid Cymru-led administration. 

It's certainly going to give a classier feel to the entrance into Aberystwyth and I'm sure  many people will take the time to pop in and view the work as they walk past on their way into town.