Rail survey for central Wales launched

A new survey has been launched aimed at demonstrating the demand for an improved rail service to Aberystwyth.

Following the backtracking on the previously agreed introduction of an hourly train service on the Cambrian Line, the Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Rail Liaison Committee has been funded by the Welsh Government to conduct an exercise amongst the public of central Wales to gauge demand.

It’s very important that anyone who cares even slightly about rail services in the region fills in the survey either on-line or on a hard copy which will be available at various places. It's very clear to me that there are a wide range of people - commuters, students, shoppers, business travellers, tourists - who would use a more regular service and that this could significantly benefit the local economy, not to mention the environment. We need a big response to this as the outcome could shape our rail services for many years to come. 

The survey is here  (click on the linguistic choice in the left hand column) and is open till October 20th. Hard copies can be filled in at Aberystwyth Tourist information centre and many other places.