Aberystwyth Football Club new pitch and housing development

These are photos from the recent exhibition at Aberystwyth Town Football Club of the club's planned joint development with Tai Ceredigion.

The plans include:
48 two-bedroom apartments 
32 one-bedroom apartments 
3G football pitch  to replace the current grass
Bar, cafe & youth centre
A new main spectator stand

The key aspect from the club's point of view is the 3G artificial pitch which will be able to cope with more or less continuous use, enabling the club to provide for a lot more groups and activities and to earn more money which can then be re-invested. The housing will help to fund the pitch along with a grant from the Football Association of Wales who are promoting these pitches around Wales.

The exhibition was the first showing of the plans and planning permission has not yet been applied for. The images are a bit of a shock for anyone who knows this section of the Rheidol riverbank. I'm providing them here to allow people to give informed comments. Questions or comments can be sent to Tai Ceredigion at post@taiceredigion.org.uk


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2014

    The club intend to relocate to Newtown for a while. Am I right in saying that they intend to do so this coming season ?
    Surely this is jumping the gun a bit, as no application seems to have been discussed, let alone agreed. After the long-drawn out battle regarding Tesco, surely nothing will happen soon. Can you enlighten us on some sort of timeline ?

  2. The club say that, until planning permission is decided, they can't set a formal timetable but they're hoping to start work on site in the first quarter of next year.

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2014

    Diolch. So, until Jan at the earliest, thre club will play WPL games at Park Avenue ?

  4. That's what it sounds like, although obviously I can't speak for the club

  5. Would be good to see that built as a sustainably as possible, could be a real feather in the cap for Aber