Ceredigion commits to sustainable timber pledge

Last week I attended a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reception in the House of Commons. Ceredigion Council was invited because we're one of only three local authorities in Wales that have committed to the WWF Silver Pledge on timber procurement. The Pledge means that the Council agrees to help support the market in legally and sustainably sourced timber by only purchasing carefully selected products.

The reason some forms of non-sustainable wood (i.e. wood from sources that are running out and not being replaced) is used for many projects elsewhere is its ability to resists decay and attack from organisms, along with its all round strength compared to most other woods. This is especially relevant for the kinds of marine projects that Ceredigion, as a coastal authority, is involved in. 

However, with much of this wood coming from Guyana in the Northern Amazon area, the problem with this is obvious - it means the continued depletion of the Amazon rainforest that is vital for the carbon management of the planet.

Ceredigion therefore now sources its wood, including that used for coastal projects, from sources that are certified as sustainable by the WWF.

In the case of the most recent coastal defence work at Borth (below), the Council has gone a step further and recycled the old groynes that were removed at the start of the project.