Ceredigion's solar power commitment

Over 200 solar panels have been erected on Ceredigion Council offices in Aberaeron in the last month - saving tons of carbon each year and also saving money on fuel in the long term.

The photos show Penmorfa and Min y Mor offices.


  1. From an aesthetic point of view, I would like to see manufacturers of solar panels producing some in triangular and rectangular formats so that they would ( more or less ) fit the contours of the buildings on which they are installed. They could be dummy, non-functional panels of similar appearance to the square functional panels.

    Did the Council miss the boat on the very favourable, subsidised rates that were once given for these installations or were these only offered for domestic installations?

    David Kirby - not a member of any Political Party

    1. The Feed-In Tariff (FITs) rates apply to any installation up to 5 Megawatts. The rates are going down each year. On the other hand, the cost of panels is too. These particular panels were put in before the FITs reduction that came in on 1st April.

  2. While the subsidy has fallen, so has the price of installation. Panels and inverters are more efficient than they were, its still well worth doing even for domestic unless you live on a very north facing slope.

    You can work out if it is worth it. The Aberaeron office would be about 50kw, they *should* have paided about 35k-ish if it was a single installation(a bit more over 2 buildings) and 50kw system should give around 48,000kw a year finger in air guess, for 20 years. See http://www.windandsun.co.uk/information/about-fits.aspx#.VTSb_Gaj6Kw
    for the price.

  3. Alun - I'm interested in installing panels on my own home in Llanbadarn. Is it worth it? What kind of cost would instillation be? It's a small house.



    1. I've got them on my house and they've certainly worked for me but, since I had them put in a few years ago, I'm out of touch with the costs. The FIT rates have gone down since then but, as I've said in another reply, so have the cost of panels. Putting solar panels on your roof will certainly pay for itself in time through electricity savings and the FIT. In the Council's case, the panels in the picture will do so in about seven years. The company I used were Dulas from Machynlleth. They gave a really good service and preliminary advice beforehand.