Llwybr newydd i gerddwyr a beicwyr ym Mhlas Crug / New pedestrian & cycle path at Plas Crug

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  1. Are there any plans to extend the cycle path to the east after Penweddig ? It gets a bit hairy for cyclists around Quebec terrace. There's plenty of room behind the ambulance station, and it could connect with the pathway that runs between the VoR and Blaendolau.
    Slow cyclists going up Primrose Hill are a real menace to all concerned, so a cycle lane/track going to waunfawr would remove a lot of danger and frustration.

  2. No plans at the moment. However nothing wrong with this as an idea. It looks as if such a path would have to run across school land (always sensitive) and, to complicate things more, the land isn't actually owned by the school. However I'll forward the idea to the department that developed the new Plas Crug path to consider the practicalities.

    There's a public consultation running at the moment (until 27th November) on the Active Travel Act, which can be used to make points like this. Here's the link:

  3. Following the previous comment, this is the response I've received from the department:

    Dear Cllr Williams

    Thank you for your e-mail dated 7th October, in which you have forwarded comments you have received on social media regarding proposals for cycling infrastructure in the Llanbadarn and Waunfawr areas of Aberystwyth.

    The Llanbadarn area presents a number of challenges for implementing new cycle infrastructure due to the proximity of buildings built close to the edge of the carriageway. Quebec Terrace is on the TRA44 and therefore under the responsibility of NMWTRA.

    The suggestion to create a new path behind the ambulance station is one that we could include in the Integrated Network Maps for a future aspirational route. The Existing Route Maps currently under development will be useful to highlight that there are in fact alternative routes, such as the Rheidol Trail links, which offer cyclists options to help avoid negotiating the highway areas of Llanbadarn.

    As discussed during the recent Public Consultation event for Active Travel Mapping, there are a few potential routes in the Waunfawr area that could link into the path behind Coleg Ceredigion to create a link between Llanbadarn and Waunfawr. These routes could be implemented as and when future housing development progresses in the area and will also be included in the Integrated Network Maps which will be presented to the Welsh Government in September 2017.

    These potential routes will of course be subject to the usual considerations such as land ownership and availability of appropriate funding and therefore inclusion of routes in the Integrated Network Maps is not a guarantee that they will be implemented in the future.

    Yours sincerely