Yellow Line Consultation

The County Council's Highways Department is now formally consulting on plans to restrict parking on streets in the Bronglais and Buarth areas where over-parking has been causing serious access and passing problems. The plans, a draft of which was circulated to those most affected at the end of last year, have been modified slightly since then in the light of comments. All the proposals have been drawn up following specific requests from residents.

To summarise, the proposals are:
* Caradog Road - double yellow lines on the corner of the junction with Iorwerth Avenue. To prevent pedestrians being obstructed, to provide a refuge for passing cars and to allow cars to turn.
* Cae'r Gog - double yellow lines around the corners of the spur to Caradog Road to enable vehicles to turn the corners
* St David's Road - double yellow lines on the left side going towards the hospital at the Llanbadarn Road and Iorweth Avenue ends. To enable larger vehicles to get through. The lines in the draft proposals on the other side at the Iorwerth Avenue end have now been deleted following comments.
* Buarth Road - single yellow lines on the inside of the bend leading up from Llanbadarn Road. To enable cars to pass each other during the day. No restriction after 6pm

Getting the balance right between allowing sufficient parking space and maintaining safe access to the streets is never easy. On the one hand over-parking in narrow streets has led at times to them becoming impassable and to dangerous situations developing. On the other, restricting parking too much could make life more difficult for residents. Either way, everyone is welcome to comment.

The plans can be viewed in detail at the Town Hall reception from a date to be set early this month (July) or you can ask one of your councillors to bring them to you. Comments should be sent to the Highways Department, Neuadd y Sir, Stryd y Farchnad, Aberaeron, SA46 0AT.