Heritage Scheme for Aberystwyth

Alun Williams has called for a Heritage Scheme for Aberystwyth similar to those that have operated successfully in Aberaeron, Tregaron and Cardigan. Speaking at a Town Council meeting he said,
“Heritage schemes have operated extremely successfully in Aberaeron, Tregaron and Cardigan. They’ve benefited the economy of those towns and they’ve raised the town pride and self-esteem of everyone who lives in them.
“Aberystwyth has a marvelous architectural heritage that is not being looked after and is being allowed to deteriorate. Other towns in Ceredigion have been transformed by these schemes. The expertise exists in the Council and its clear that the Assembly are supportive. Surely Aberystwyth, the flagship town of not only Ceredigion but the whole of mid-Wales, should now have it’s turn.
“I’m asking the Town Council to write to the Director of Environmental Services and Housing to ask Ceredigion to set aside the resources to make this possible.”