Aberystwyth Car Occupancy Survey

A survey was carried out on Monday 10th September between 7am - 9am covering all four approach road to Aberystwyth town. The survey was conducted outside University term time but school terms had begun.

Overall 3,085 cars entered the town and 2,069 (67%) had only the driver as an occupant. Lorries and vans are not included in the figures.
The survey was carried out by volunteers from the Transition Towns group who are highlighting green transport issues. Whilst it is acknowledged that many commuters drive out of practical necessity, travellers are being urged to consider car sharing or public transport on at least some days to reduce parking pressure and traffic congestion in the town.

Total Cars / Single occupancy
Blvd St Brieuc 583 / 397
Llanbadarn Road 677 / 359
Penglais Hill 1,065 / 750
Penparcau Road 760 / 563
Totals 3,085 / 2,069

With thanks to Kelvin Mason for compiling the figures