Traffic Orders Agreed

Yellow lines proposed for a number of streets in the Bronglais Hospital area have now been approved by the County Council Cabinet. There were three objections, although one of these was from someone outside the County. The laying down of the lines is likely to take place before Christmas, as pressures on the Highways department allow.

The plans were drawn up following numerous complaints about over-parking causing serious access and passing problems in the area and all related to specific requests from residents.

To summarise, the plans are:
Caradog Road: Double yellow lines on the corner of the junction with Iorwerth Avenue - to prevent pedestrians being obstructed, to provide a refuge for passing cars and to allow cars to turn the corner.
Cae'r Gog: Double yellow lines around the corners of the spur to Caradog Road - to enable vehicles to turn the corner
St David's Road: Double yellow lines at both ends on the left side (going towards the hospital) - to enable larger vehicles to get through. The lines in the original draft proposals on the right side at the Iorwerth Avenue end have been deleted following comments of concern about loss of parking.
Buarth Road: Single yellow line on the inside of the bend leading up from Llanbadarn Road - to enable cars to pass each other on the hill during the day. No restriction after 6pm

Yellow lines have also been agreed for Dan y Coed and Elysian Grove / Car Melyn

During the consultation, many residents, whilst not opposing the scheme, made the point about the need for residents parking. At a recent debate in the Traffic Management Committee it became clear that Council Highways Officers now have no objection to this and understand the problems faced by residents. This was not the case just a few years ago. To this extent, it can be said that progress has been made. However these sympathetic officers have been continuously overruled by successive Council Cabinet Members for Highways – i.e. the councillor in charge of the Highways department.

The current holder of the post is Ray Quant who, like his predecessor Keith Evans (now the Council Leader), made it clear during the debate that he opposes residents parking in principle on the grounds that it is not in the interests of people from the rest of the County. Unfortunately his decision is final. However the fact that the Council's professional officers regard residents parking as workable, given the funding, does give hope for the future. It is hard to escape the conclusion that a change of political leadership in the Council is what is required to bring about a residents parking scheme for Aberystwyth.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways can be written to c/o Council Offices, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 0PA