Call for Environmental Audit of Council Building Materials

Alun Williams, has called for an environmental audit of all products and materials used in the renovation and maintenance of the Council's housing stock.

Commenting on the Council's Draft Local Housing Strategy at a meeting of the Ceredigion County Council's Environmental Services and Housing Committee, Cllr Alun Williams said:
"The section on sustainable development is far too woolly. It has good intentions but doesn ' t seem to know quite what to do about them. As a specific suggestion, I'd like the Council to conduct an environmental audit of all products and materials it uses in the maintenance of council housing stock and then look at what it can do to improve them.

"All materials, from windows to roofs, have an environmental impact but some are much better than others. I recognise that in most cases it's not possible for councils to afford the very best in environmental practices but there are many steps on the ladder.

"The Council needs to take a step up in its environmental practice. The best way to start is with the materials it uses on a large scale in its renovation and maintenance work. Because the Council works on a county-wide scale it can have a much bigger effect than individuals so it's important that the Council is seen to adopt the best practice it can".

Ceredigion Council's Draft Local Housing Strategy is now out for consultation.