Aber Police apply for Alcohol License 'Cumulative Impact Area'

Aberystwyth Police have applied for parts of the town centre to become a 'cumulative impact area' in assessing new alcohol license applications. This would mean that any applications would not only be decided on their own merits but on the effect they would have when added to other licenses in the area.

The submission by the police says,
"We consider the evidence to be persuasive and the areas to be considered as proportional to the problem presented. These streets contain a significant number, type and density of premises selling alcohol, all of whom, we contend, contribute, in a cumulative manner, to serious problems of nuisance and disorder both outside and some distance from the individual premises....."

"In these circumstances we ask that the Council consider the adoption of a special policy of refusing licenses....because the area is saturated with licensed premises and the granting of any more would undermine one or more of the licensing objectives."

Consultation on the idea has just begun and will end on 30th September. Anyone wanting to make comments should write to The Licensing Section, Cyngor Sir Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 OPA or e-mail licensing@ceredigion.gov.uk.
Anyone wanting to see the full submission by the police can obtain a copy by e-mailing me.

Despite bordering on the town centre, in the past year Bronglais ward has experienced just 5% (18) of the recorded criminal damage offences in the town and only 3% (11) of offences involving violence.