Plaid Win Another By-election

Plaid Cymru have won the Aberystwyth Town Council By-election in Penparcau, taking their total to ten out of nineteen members on the Council. Owain Jones won on his first attempt by 24 votes over Labour candidate Dylan Jones with the Lib Dems trailing in third place. Plaid's representation in the Penparcau ward is now at it's highest ever, with one County Councillor (Rob Gorman) and three out of five Town Councillors. The By-election was called following the death of longstanding Independent councillor Owen Jones.

In Rheidol ward, another Town Council by-election saw the Lib Dems retain the seat left open by the resignation of their former councillor Lorrae Jones-Southgate. Martin Shewring won by 76 votes over Plaid's Sandra Oliver who received a good vote but was unable to repeat the spectacular win by Plaid's Aled Davies in the same ward's County Council by-election in July.


Owain Jones (Plaid Cymru) 141 (42%)
Dylan Jones (Llafur/Labour) 117 (34%)

John Thornton (Dem Rhyd/Lib Dem) 77 (22%)

Martin Shewring (Dem Rhyd/Lib Dems) 243 (59%)
Sandra Oliver (Plaid Cymru) 167 (40%)

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  1. It would be good to see Plaid focus their efforts on somewhere like Penparcau and show what could be done. As the gateway to Aberystwyth from the south of Wales I'm still surprised how tatty it looks, the railings across from the Co-op are all rusted up, both the Penparcau signs are in a disgraceful condition (and don't math the ones in Llanbardarnan or Aber central), the underpass is in a really bad state and the lighting at night is terrible. This obviously impacts upon the local residents - It'd be a shame to waste this opportunity! Like Communities First have.