Ceredigion achieves Fair Trade status

Ceredigion has become the 12th Fair Trade County in Wales. The award has been given two years after a joint motion by Plaid Cymru and Lib Dems called for the Council to pursue Fair Trade status. The county-wide campaign was started by a group in Aberystwyth.

Fair Trade supports small farmers in the developing world who produce food we cannot produce at home and who are disadvantaged by international trading conditions that benefit big business. The Fairtrade Foundation awards Fairtrade status to Nations, Towns, Counties, Schools and Churches that meet five goals developed to raise awareness and support for Fairtrade goods. The movement is making a significant impact in helping the developing world and is strongly backed by churches and chapels.

In a letter to the Council, the Fair Trade foundation said,
"Congratulations on comfortably exceeding the targets given for both retailers and caterers supporting Fairtrade. There is clearly a broad base of support for Fairtrade products in Ceredigion and the sale of Fairtrade products is of course at the core of the Fairtrade campaign. Please pass on our thanks to all the businesses whose support has helped to make Ceredigion a Fairtrade County".

The letter went on,
"Congratulations on gaining the national Library of Wales as a Flagship Employer. We hope that they will use their position to promote Fairtrade to contacts, clients and staff and that their support will encourage other businesses to think about making their own commitment to Fairtrade.
"We would like to particularly highlight the excellent work in promoting support for Fairtrade among the County’s schools. "

Mwy gwybodaeth / More information:http://www.fairtradewales.com/