Positive news on crime - if you want to see it

Ceredigion's two main local papers have put very different interpretations on the recently released crime figures for the area.

The Cambrian News headlines with, "New maps show average of 100 crimes a month in Aberystwyth" and begins the article by saying, "Crime levels in Aberystwyth are the highest in Ceredigion...". Since Aberystwyth is more than three times the size of any other town in the County, this is less than surprising - a bit like saying crime levels in Cardiff are the highest in South-east Wales. The article then adds, somewhat more relevantly, that crime levels in the town have actually dropped by 10 per cent.

By contrast, the Cardigan & Teifi-side Advertiser headlines with, "Ceredigion is the Safest", beginning the article with, "Ceredigion is the safest county in England and Wales, according to crime statistics just released. Figures show all types of recorded crime have fallen by a fifth since April".

One has to wonder why many media outlets insist on trying to find a cloud in every silver lining and what effect this has on the way we view the world. Despite what we're told, some things are actually getting better.

The latest crime figures can be found on the newly updated Dyfed-Powys Police website at http://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/ by clicking on 'Crime Maps / Mapiau Trosedd'.