A487 - Time to Act

Last night I happened upon another serious accident on the A487 between Blaenplwyf and Llanddeiniol, just south of Aberystwyth. I was second on the scene (behind the author of a recent well-received book on R. S. Thomas) and found three young men having just emerged miraculously unscathed from a car that was lying on its roof in the road. Judging from the state of their car, they were all very lucky to be alive. No other cars had been hit.

This is the third serious accident I’ve seen seen on this stretch of road this year and only last month a motorcyclist was killed. It’s a tempting spot to overtake following a series of bends at either end but is deceptively short at high speed and cars seem to run out of road. Since 2006 the A487 through Ceredigion has seen nine people killed and 136 injured, 44 of them seriously.

Today Ceredigion Council Leader Keith Evans issued a press release calling for a road realignment, presumably with the idea of lengthening the straight stretch and improving visability. Despite being identified as an accident blackspot, this part of the A487 doesn’t feature in the Assembly’s recently published National Transport Plan.

There’s no doubt that something has to be done - people are dying. However, given that we’re not going to see a dual carriageway here (nor would want to), it could be argued that, rather than making overtaking slightly less dangerous, in pure road safety terms it would make more sense to actually put in another bend to rule out high speed overtaking as an option altogether.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with this road, it is all down to concentrating whilst driving and it doesn't matter what you do if the driver is not concentrating on what he is doing then he will at some stage have an accident.
    What is needed is stronger magistrates to actually punish bad driving when it gets to court instead of handing out paltry finesand blaming the road and letting them on their way to do exactly the same thing in a couple of months or years later.

  2. I agree with the above comment - the road is well marked and it is safe to drive at a reasonable speed, such as 50 or 60 mph, along it.

    The accidents are caused by those driving too fast, driving badly, or who have been on the road too long - driving for four hours or so without a break.

    Drivers overtake on blind bends and where they can not see the road ahead - it's not the roads fault but driver stupidity and arrogance.

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2014

    I am not sure but was the s bend taken off the post bach straight 25 years ago?i sure this was put in as an traffic slowing bend .the a487 is not the problem lack of driver training is the problem ! its not possible to use this road to a tight time .but somedays you get a good run and its no m25 is it (car park)