Aberystwyth Community Farm Project

A group of 20 local people are looking for land to set up a community farm near Aberystwyth.

The group hopes to give local people without land the opportunity to grow their own food as part of an environmentally-conscious co-operative and then plans to teach others, particularly schoolchildren, about the benefits of homegrown food and how to produce it. Similar schemes currently exist in Newtown, Wrexham, Cardiff and Swansea (pictured).

The group are looking for a site within five miles of Aberystwyth. They’d welcome any offers of land or donations for the project. They can be contacted at

Tomorrow (Wednesday) a conference of similar groups around Mid-Wales is being held in Borth.


  1. Unless it's been repealed or nullified here, the 1908 Small Holdings & Allotments Act places a duty on local authorities to provide sufficient allotments according to demand and makes provision for compulsory purchase of land by local authorities to provide allotments.

  2. Looks like a good plan, are they just going to rent a bit of land from a local farmer? Would be a good place for Communities First to place their money, especially if it was on the outskirts of Penparcau. There's a lot of land there, people and easy access.

    To anonymous:
    To be honest, can't see the local authority doing anything, or really giving any of their staff time to provide any support for this or anything else. I doubt they have the resources, or money, but there must be an allotment person (maybe not).

    There is the Garden Exchange thing that I've heard about, but don't think it's Council run.

  3. On the council thing, 'duty' means that. If they don't, there's the law. Threaten them with court action. Can be done. See here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/7420230.stm.

    Why not contact Allan Rees? His motto is 'have trowel, will travel'. Is there anything about allotment provision in the LDP? If not, should be.


  4. Here is the scheme, just fond it online. I heard it on radio Cymru and saw it in the Cambrian News, great idea.


    chloeg@ymlaenceredigion.org.uk, from their web page.

    Also I noticed that the Penparcau is Green festival is on again! Link on Facebook

    This also looked interesting, although long gone. Hopefully they might happen again in the future.


  5. Below is clarification I've received today from a Council Officer.

    "Dear Councillor Williams,

    "I refer to your e-mail dated 26 February 2010 to my Parks and Gardens Officer regarding Allotment provision and confirm that under the 1908 Allotment Act and its amendments, any statutory provider (County Councils, District Councils, Town and Community Councils and others) are obliged to consider the provision of Allotments on receipt of a request from a minimum of 6 individual householders on the electoral register for the area.

    "The Acts do not specify a time limit from receipt of a request to the provision being provided and give the local provider wide discretion as to the means of providing additional sites, ie by purchase, lease or even by temporary land usage before it is developed for another purpose.

    The Acts do provide for Local Authorities to compulsory purchase suitable land to create formally recognised Allotment sites if they have the funding and the will to do so.

    "The Council’s Planning Department are aware of the issues relating to Allotments County wide and their provision and local demands with regard to the LDP.

    "I attach guidance documents relating to Allotments which provide additional information."

    I can provide the documents referred to in the last sentence if people e-mail me at alunw@ceredigion.gov.uk