Independent newspaper backs Plaid MPs

Simon Carr, a regular parliamentary sketch writer in the Independent newspaper, has this week given a ringing endosement to Plaid Cymru's three MPs at Westminster, Elfyn Llwyd, Adam Price and Hywel Williams.

Under the heading, "Plaid Cymru's fearsome threesome pack quite a punch", his
article in Wednesday's edition begins,
"What a relief to see Elfyn Llwyd in the House yesterday, still alive and asking questions. He's always more interesting than he looks. Tiny Plaid Cymru are a great parliamentary asset. Blair and Mittal's £2m, that was them. They kicked off Cash for Honours. The Blair Impeachment project, they did that too. Llwyd and Adam Price (they are two-thirds of their party) have probably had more effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats."