Independent newspaper backs Plaid MPs

Simon Carr, a regular parliamentary sketch writer in the Independent newspaper, has this week given a ringing endosement to Plaid Cymru's three MPs at Westminster, Elfyn Llwyd, Adam Price and Hywel Williams.

Under the heading, "Plaid Cymru's fearsome threesome pack quite a punch", his
article in Wednesday's edition begins,
"What a relief to see Elfyn Llwyd in the House yesterday, still alive and asking questions. He's always more interesting than he looks. Tiny Plaid Cymru are a great parliamentary asset. Blair and Mittal's £2m, that was them. They kicked off Cash for Honours. The Blair Impeachment project, they did that too. Llwyd and Adam Price (they are two-thirds of their party) have probably had more effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats."


  1. Well said Simon Carr.

    What's the point of sending another Lib Dem to Westminster if they have no effect on what goes on there.

    Mark Williams is always telling us he is fighting for this and fighting for that but what has he ever won? There is no point setting yourself up as a 'local fighter' if you cant win your fights.

  2. Those are parlimentary things, what I'd like to see is a party that can have influence on what happens in Wales from outside Wales, don't really care what they are called.

    I've been very very surpised that there looks to have been no input from both the AM and MP in regard to the 70 (now seemingly 100) jobs that are being axed at the University, surely this is somethig that the assembly and Assembly Minister should be looking at, after all it's the Labour/Plaid that seem to have axed funding for Unis, Is this the case? Is this leading to the loss of what could be 1000s of jobs across Wales and the loss of places for students? What an absolute lack of foresight if it is! Wales must be one of the few countries that aren't investing in the future through education.

    There should be questions asked about how much the UK Research councils invest into Wales and also how much lottery money is apent in Wales. I was really surprised that out of 250 projects funded by the National Lottery Research strand only 4 were in Wales,...That's disgraceful.

    Perhaps it's time for a Wales specific lottery :) feed some money into the more rural areas that are always underfunded and suffer the most, and have the fewest services.

  3. Isn't a bit early to point the finger at the Assembly Governent? There are other questions that need to be answered. How has this crisis come about so suddenly and why is it hitting IBERS and not other departments within the University? Is it bad planning, is it overmaning? Surely University and IBERS management must bear some responsibility. Anybody know the answser?

  4. I suspect this would have beenknown about a long time ago, when 2 groups come together there is always overlap.

    What is the strategy for future HE funding in Wales?