Aberystwyth bus and train stations to be revamped

Ceredigion Council are planning a major revamp of Alexandra Road in Aberystwyth, centred around the bus and train stations.

This would involve:

* Paving over the slip road in front of the station and removing much of the pavement clutter to provide a ‘step-free’ passage from the station to Alexandra Road

* Widening the pavements on both sides of the road. As well as creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment, this would allow people to cross the road more quickly which would also reduce waiting times for traffic. 2000 people per hour use the pelican crossing in peak times.

* Changing the layout of the bus station to incorporate all buses within one area, dispensing with the bus stops at the Park Avenue end of the road.

* Making the taxi rank area more pedestrian-friendly, including the crossing point

* Providing a pedestrian refuge to allow crossing by the Park Avenue rounabout

The Alexandra Road Interchange Plans are being developed on behalf of the County Council by Atkins, a major engineering company, who are currently consulting local ‘stakeholders’ about the plans. It’s to be hoped that the consultation will eventually go wider than that to the general public. In the meantime I’ll be happy to pass on any comments I receive here.

Thanks to Aberystwyth Online Photostream for the picture


  1. About time too! :)

  2. Will be fantastic, I love the architecture in that part of town, could be a really nice area. Get rid of the horrible brick barn next to the train station.

    Its the first part of Aber that you see when you get off of the train. Few more trees would be good, bins that you can put re-cycling into, interesting lighting - could even be used for other stuff at night.

    At the moment looks a bit 80s

  3. Private vehicular traffic arrangments around the station are in desperate need of a rethink. Nearly every station in my experience has a restricted waiting [ 20 minutes ] pickup/put down area. The space by the Hen and Horse [ Yr Hen Orsaf ] would be appropriate but this is ( very poorly indicated ) private parking. If you drive down the side of the station it is quite difficult to turn at the bottom [ by the Rheidol hut]. Taxis, on the other hand, have loads of space and a roundabout for turning.

  4. I expect all of that will go and people will park in the all new super car park across the road. Will there be any community consultation on this, or will it be the same as when the council wanted to 'develop' the old Royal Mail site?

    As a resident I'm even more concerned that there will be no community liaison about how to spend the 10.3 million, I don't think it's important to have councilors on the committee, but I do think it's important to do what's best for the town.

    Will the meeting minutes be accessible or is it closed doors job, and I was interested in how they define stuff such as sustainable. Does that mean Green/Eco friendly?

  5. I think it's very important that there's community consultation on the plans for the £10.3 million. At the moment it's not clear that there will be. I've requested this (in last week's Cam News)and will continue to raise it.

    The SRA (Strategic Regeneration Area) Board has met. I haven't seen any minutes yet but will be looking out for them.

    I agree that there's sometimes ambivalanece about what 'sustainable' means. Apart from its original environmental meaning, I've seen it twisted to mean sustainable, in the sense of continuous, development, which isn't environmentally sustainable at all. It's important to always make sure the right meaning is being used.

  6. All the above comments have now been sent to the scheme's consultants at phil.evans@atkinsglobal.com

  7. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    Greenery would be good.
    Also, outside of the scope of the work probably, but a few more buses wouldn't go amiss...
    Would it be too much trouble to have bus timetable information also at the train station?
    Could all bus shelters in Ceredigion have bus timetable information in them?

  8. I think this is a really good idea.. I came across this blog this morning after a visitor from here visited mine http://www.rhys.eu - had a refferal link and thought i'd come and pay a visit.

    Just a shame that I didn't hear about this sooner, otherwise I would have written about it too.