Aberystwyth bus and train stations to be revamped

Ceredigion Council are planning a major revamp of Alexandra Road in Aberystwyth, centred around the bus and train stations.

This would involve:

* Paving over the slip road in front of the station and removing much of the pavement clutter to provide a ‘step-free’ passage from the station to Alexandra Road

* Widening the pavements on both sides of the road. As well as creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment, this would allow people to cross the road more quickly which would also reduce waiting times for traffic. 2000 people per hour use the pelican crossing in peak times.

* Changing the layout of the bus station to incorporate all buses within one area, dispensing with the bus stops at the Park Avenue end of the road.

* Making the taxi rank area more pedestrian-friendly, including the crossing point

* Providing a pedestrian refuge to allow crossing by the Park Avenue rounabout

The Alexandra Road Interchange Plans are being developed on behalf of the County Council by Atkins, a major engineering company, who are currently consulting local ‘stakeholders’ about the plans. It’s to be hoped that the consultation will eventually go wider than that to the general public. In the meantime I’ll be happy to pass on any comments I receive here.

Thanks to Aberystwyth Online Photostream for the picture