Lib Dem policy changes begin

This blog avoids too much political sniping. But it does seem that a significant point was reached on Tuesday when Ceredigion's MP Mark Williams and other Lib Dems voted against including Trident in the government's forthcoming Strategic Defence Review, despite having given assurances during the election that they would oppose the massively expensive weapons system. The vote, which would have forced the government to consider scrapping the £100 billion programme as part of their financial cuts, came as an amendment to the Queen's speech proposed by Plaid Cymru, the Greens and the SNP. More details here and here. This could be the first of many Lib Dem policy changes as a result of their alliance with the Conservatives.


  1. Interesting indeed. Especially as he spent most of the campaign attacking Plaid university fees compromises in the context of a coalition government. I wonder what way he'll vote when that one comes up.
    In the meantime, thanks to Mark and his colleagues, we'll spend huge amounts of money on equipment to blow up the world several times over whilst public services get slashed. Hooray, lovely!

  2. Ah well, where do they get these people from? I think its just a disgrace, what a fool! Why doesn't he just do what's right instead of what his new boss wants.

  3. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    keep it up Al