Prom bikes to be organised this summer

Motorbikes will be given a designated place to park on Aberystwyth Prom and banned from parking wherever they please. That’s the decision agreed by the Ceredigion Cabinet on Tuesday. The plan follows numerous complaints over the last couple of years at the way bikers have been commandeering the full width of the Prom on some summer weekends, at times forcing pedestrians to pick their way through them in order to pass.

Some local people have called for bikes to be banned from the Prom altogether but the majority view recognises the economic value to the town of the large number of bikers, many from as far away as Shrewsbury, who enjoy a leisurely Sunday ride through the bends of Powys and North Ceredigion before ending by the sea at Aberystwyth. The mostly mature bikers are impeccable in their behaviour but, without parking being organised in some way, have often allowed haphazard parking to get out of hand.

The new parking area will be a seven metre wide strip of the Prom running alongside Marine Terrace from the North side of the snack bar by the bandstand for about 100 yards towards Constitution Hill and will accommodate around 100 bikes.