Prom bikes to be organised this summer

Motorbikes will be given a designated place to park on Aberystwyth Prom and banned from parking wherever they please. That’s the decision agreed by the Ceredigion Cabinet on Tuesday. The plan follows numerous complaints over the last couple of years at the way bikers have been commandeering the full width of the Prom on some summer weekends, at times forcing pedestrians to pick their way through them in order to pass.

Some local people have called for bikes to be banned from the Prom altogether but the majority view recognises the economic value to the town of the large number of bikers, many from as far away as Shrewsbury, who enjoy a leisurely Sunday ride through the bends of Powys and North Ceredigion before ending by the sea at Aberystwyth. The mostly mature bikers are impeccable in their behaviour but, without parking being organised in some way, have often allowed haphazard parking to get out of hand.

The new parking area will be a seven metre wide strip of the Prom running alongside Marine Terrace from the North side of the snack bar by the bandstand for about 100 yards towards Constitution Hill and will accommodate around 100 bikes.


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    The bikers (especially the mature ones) bring money to spend in the town and any development that involves them is welcome, but what is happening to the bouncy castle that goes some way to keep young families in the town when they visit over summer.

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    Anything to support the economy is good, It would be good if the hotels on the front could also cash in on the bikers. Get some tables out on the Prom etc., the place is crying out for it!

    Am I right in thinking that only the 'greasy spoon' on the prom can serve drinks and has the rights for the whole area? If so that's crazy! ! ! Who decided that?

  3. First Anon - The bouncy castle is going to be offered a spot on the beach, which is thought to be more suitable.

    Second Anon - Fully agree. I understand the cafe by the bandstand does have a contractual veto on other food/drink businesses on the Prom. It was decided some years ago and the contract still has several years to run. Yes, it's absolutely crazy.

  4. Just reading this and that's going to be interesting. I thought that the main focus of 10.3 million was the prom, but if there can't be any food or drink sold, that to me looks like one of the key issues. I know that when I've had visors down to stay they have been amazed at how quiet the front is, even in the height of holiday season. After 6 there's nothing.

    As someone has suggested in one of the earlier blogs, could the hotels put out some seats on the prom and serve over the road? The sales point is presumably the hotel. What a pity!

    It's also such a shame that the old college looks so rough, I know that the uni wants to move everything up to campus. I was really really surprised to hear that the the Welsh Language Centre will be moved out of town, up onto campus I presume. I was really saddened to hear this as firstly it's moving lots of people out of the town (seems to be the fashion at the moment) which will have a knock on effect on the shops and economy, secondly it's taking the Welsh learners out of the Welsh speaking community, and in my opinion this will have a negative impact upon the language, economy and community.

  5. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    What your article fails to inform people is that alongside the designated parking for the motorcyclists, who incidently already park on the pavement just a little further towards the pier, will be a permanent restriction on the road for all other vehicles. This has a detrimental effect on the businesses along the promenade because now potential guests cannot pull up outside the hotels and the other businesses in the town as the parking problems already being experienced are worsening. At present the area to be designated for the motor cyclists has no restricted parking on one side of the road and restricted parking during the day on the other. Where will these vehicles park? Why were the local businesses not informed of these proposals and given the opportunity to comment and why is the work to take place during the busiest period of the year. July - the height of the summer season and University Graduation.

  6. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    Who is going to police the motor cyclists,and where do the other motor bikes park when the 100 spaces are full.I feel sorry for any entertainers in the bandstand, (that is if we are going to get any entertainment this year) trying to compete with reving motor bikes.

  7. Richard GriffithsJune 22, 2010

    I welcome a designated area for the bikes as this has been a problem for years. I have lived and worked on the prom for 38 years; I own a hotel and fully understand the economics of tourism. The Council and its councillors have not consulted the people who understand this area, the habits and trends of the many different visitors and the varied activities of prom users.
    Please remember that the motor bikes (whilst a worthwhile income) are only one part of the economy of the prom. Mainly sunny weekends and Bank Holidays in the main season.
    The decision taken by cabinet is based on a desire to act but the proposed plan is flawed.”THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL!!" I implore anyone to cast a careful eye over the plans and spot the “elephant in the room!”

    The proposed site for the bike parking area will affect the many different artists and activities in and around the bandstand; noise is the obvious but there are others. Event organiser will ultimately give up and refuse to perform. The bandstand is notorious; many local artists refuse to perform there now and any more problems will make it harder to find quality local acts. Remember we must have artists who project a “sense of a place”, Aberystwyth is a centre of Welsh Culture. The Bandstand is a shop window, this is sometimes the only opportunity visitors have of any genuine experience, i.e. Parti Dawns yr Aelwyd or the Harp recital.
    The change in parking provision for other vehicles on the main road from one side of the road to the other is a major concern. The introduction of a Double Yellow line to replace a single yellow will deter the current users. This is mainly after 6pm and used by those in Guest accommodation or attending events in town. The Cycle Race on Saturday was the most oblivious and recent example.
    The single yellow line area has room for approx 20 vehicles. On a daily basis “Blue Badge” holder use this space safely.
    Outside Carpenters Hall of Student Residence is the Bus Stop. Not properly marked but used by two of the town services hourly. This was not even noticed by the planners.
    The student population are a major influence on the prom with over a thousand young people in University and private accommodation, with an increasing percentage having cars. They park on the prom. They are here in May, June and September with many remaining in private accommodation all summer.
    The Hotels and Guest Houses have approx 185 bedrooms but only 65 parking spaces in their car parks , many have no car parks!(from Gwesty Cymru to the Queensbridge).They park on the prom. I know this is includes the rest of the main promenade but you can’t ignore the rest of the prom as this is all part of the economy.
    I know I have rambled on but I feel passionate about “my prom”. Please do not continue with the plan until all the constituent parts of the prom have been considered. We can spoil a wonderful part of all our lives by not thinking this through.
    Richard Griffiths Gwesty’r Richmond Hotel (612201)

  8. Without going into too much detail, a few comments on the views that have been put:

    The traffic order is an experimental one which means that it can be altered in the light of experience. The barriers will not be permanent and will be able to be moved at short notice, reduced or enlarged for particular events or according to demand.

    I'm informed that only one actual car parking space will be lost overall, although it’s true there will be more time restrictions.

    Richard – I’ve spoken to the Highways Dept and I understand they’ll be meeting you this week.

    My personal view is that we have to try something because the status quo has been unacceptable. There are, of course, people who want to throw the bikes out of the area altogether. I think this would be economically damaging. I welcome there here, we just have to make sure they're managed properly. Hopefully we'll get this right in time.

    All the views expressed in the comments above have been passed on to the Ceredigion Highways Dept and I would encourage people wanting to talk about the fine detail to contact them direct at hpw@ceredigion.gov.uk.

  9. thanks for directing traffic to the highways but You were elected to represent the people against such or maybe you .wernt, you decide. I am raising a petition to get the bouncy castle reinstated on the prom where the children can use it,now,not sometime in the distant future. 300 signatures have been collected allready and if needed an action plan will be put in motion to treble that amount.Why the need to move the bikes is beyond me but as PD's are the only ones who benifit financially from this decision.More people eating unhealthy food at high prices.As a resident on the Marine Terrace surely i have a voice but no-one asked me what i thought but then i only get asked come election time, surprising that.Maybe there needs to be a backlash against council wasting our taxes on fruitless schemes such as this one, by the way who has the contract to erect these structures and was it put to public tender or was it another job for " one of the boys".
    yours in disgust Basil,
    full name and address available

  10. Sorry Basil, the way the story developed was that numerous members of the public over the last couple of years have complained, with good reason, about motorbikes obstructing the Prom and the pedestrian crossing. Councillors, acting on their behalf, therefore asked the Highways Dept to address the issue and this is the scheme they've come up with. Because the traffic order is experimental it can be subsequently modified in the light of experience which I'm sure it will be. I really can't see how PDs will benefit financially from the decision. The intention was to offer the bouncy castle a spot a few yards away on the beach which doesn't seem unreasonable, although I understand there are a few other concerns about it unrelated to the motorbikes issue that need to be sorted out first.

  11. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    I must admit, this is getting more laughable every time I read it. It looks to me like no one has a clue!...yet again

    Someone talked about business on the Prom, what business? The powers that be messed that one up years ago by only allowing PDs to sell food and drink on the Prom. No doubt its the same on the other side where the Hut is, wonder if its the same people. It basically killed the tourism in Aber, the old college is an eyesore, it's really sad what has been allowed to happen, no wonder people go elsewhere. I read there was to be 10 million to do something in Aber, no doubt most of that will be given to yet another supermarket chain that will make the town unusable because of all the traffic. I bet a lot of the money will end up back in the coffers of the council and government due to expensive admin charges anyway. It'll be interesting to follow the spend on that budget and see which side of the border it ends up on.

    "I really can't see how PDs will benefit financially from the decision." Well if you put motorcycle parking spaces next to PDs the Bikers will use it. Maybe there are other places around town, besides the sea front that are more appropriate.

  12. ""I really can't see how PDs will benefit financially from the decision." Well if you put motorcycle parking spaces next to PDs the Bikers will use it."

    The point I'm making there is that the bikes already park right next to PDs so moving them a few yards onto the other side won't make any financial difference.





  17. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    Come to Aberystwyth, parkin no problem, but hurry only a few places left. Good idea to pack some boxing gloves if you fancy a bit of road rage this summer!