Prom bikes plan shelved till the Autumn

The plan to provide a motorbike parking area on Aberystwyth promenade (covered here) has been shelved until the Autumn following public protests. The delay will give the Council time to re-think the plans in the light of the comments made.

I have to say I feel a little sorry for Ceredigion's Highways department. They must be getting used to this kind of situation. It doesn't matter what the issue is, the scenario goes like this:

1/ There are widespread public protests about something or other. Everyone seems to be unanimous that 'something must be done'. So clear is the public view being expressed that it seems a waste of resources to do a full consultation.

2/ The Council takes heed and puts a plan together.

3/ On hearing of the plan, a completely different set of people, maybe even larger than the first and who were previously silent, launch a major counter-protest.

4/ Those originally calling for the plan melt away.

5/ The Council retreats with its tail between its legs.