Poll backs Yes vote by more than 2:1

An opinion poll published today by Yougov into the referendum on giving the National Assembly more law making powers shows people in Mid & West Wales backing a Yes vote by a majority of more than two to one, the largest majority of any Welsh region.

Yes 56%
No 25%
Don’t know 11%
Not voting 7%

The figures for the whole of Wales show Yes voters leading by 49% - 26%. The referendum will be held on March 3rd.

When asked how they were planning to vote in the Assembly elections on May 5th the figures for Mid & West Wales gave Plaid Cymru a clear lead:

Plaid Cymru 34%
Labour 28%
Conservative 26%
Lib Dems 6%
Greens 2%

The figures were adjusted to take into account likelihood to vote
Full details of the opinion poll are here


  1. What a Joke Plaid are leading in west and Mid Wales, well done Plaid you are defintely breaking new ground!!

  2. The main point of the post was the big support for a Yes vote. It's focused on Mid & West Wales because that's where this blog is based. If I lived in Cardiff I'd be talking about there instead.

    You have to remember Mid & West Wales contains Pembrokeshire and Powys, places dominated by the Conservative or Lib Dems. From that perspective, probably the most interesting change compared to the last election is the Lib Dems weak showing but I didn't like to harp on about it. Are you saying opinion polls shouldn't be published about places where Plaid are strong?