Ysbyty Bronglais - old maternity wing demolished

The old Maternity Block at Ysbyty Bronglais in Aberystwyth has been in the process of being demolished over the past couple of days. The work is being viewed with some sadness by the many people in the area who were born in the building in Caradog Road. However, over the next couple of years, in its place will be built an Assembly-funded three-storey extension to the hospital incorporating a much-needed new Accident & Emergency department, a 14-bed clinical decisions unit and a day surgery unit.

On the same site, a new layer on the car park is due for completion by the end of February. The overall work at Bronglais represents the largest Assembly health investment in the whole Hywel Dda Health Board area.


  1. The slates on that roof look far too good to be ground into dust: they could have been salvaged and sold on to save money and to reduce environmental damage from mining new slates.
    When they demolished a couple of converted houses where the multi-storey car park is now, someone wrote into the paper about the waste of slates; apparently the advice wasn't heeded. It's crazy how much is wasted in these demolitions.

    The new extension is great news though of course, and a brilliant Plaid win; providing a fuller range of local services thus reducing travel and showing commitment to the Canolbarth :)

  2. Fertile locals should check their contraceptive methods are up to scratch. If they don't have another baby they might be able to afford a car to put in the park.

  3. ASERIAH SHADRACHJanuary 14, 2011

    And at the same time Ceredigion County Council demolished the old Victorian shelter near the pier and intend to demolish the other one near Swyddfa'r Sir in the coming weeks. What did you know about this Councillor Williams?

    Ceredigion will be building new shelters but why demolish the old ones which have been there for over 100 years and are the only original features dating from the promenade's Victorian/Edwardian period.

  4. Not just the slates on the roof!! The slate steps were lovely and had been used by so many over the years. I know progress is a good thing but maybe features could have been salvaged and incorporated into the new build.
    The demolition of the little shelter on the promenade is a crying shame.

  5. I thought the shelters were being replaced like for like, painted wood. It would be a bit of a joke if they were PVC or something like that on a Victorian Prom, thought the wood would have come from the Welsh Timber Forum or somewhere like that, as it's Assembly funded.

    Saw the BBC news article, but it wasn't completely clear if they were replacements or re-designed.

  6. Aseriah - The shelters on the Prom were built in the 1920s. They need major repairs which would be more costly than new shelters. They've been subject to so many repairs over the years that there's probably very little of them which is original. I understand the replacements are going to be more or less identical to the old ones. Given that any wooden structure needs replacing eventually, I can't honestly see a problem.