Ceredigion to pursue cruelty-free cleaning policy

Placeholder Img 1Ceredigion Council today agreed to look into adopting a policy of only using cleaning products which have not been tested on animals.

Having been lobbied by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection at the last Plaid Cymru conference, I presented a motion to the Council proposing that only products approved under the BUAV’s Humane Household Products Standard would be used in future.

Council officers see little problem with the idea and think there would be minimal cost implication. The scheme works in a similar way to Fairtrade which Ceredigion is already signed up to.

Councillors at the meeting wanted to check out the practicalities but agreed to the principle and directed their officers to produce a report which will hopefully lead to the idea becoming Council policy.


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2011

    Excellent! A really good step in the right direction. There shouldn't be any real practical problems as so many suitable products are easily available - either from the health food shops like Maeth and Treehouse, and also because some big chains like Co-op and Superdrug now have all their own brand cleaning products (or cosmetics - not an issue for the Council!) as BUAV approved.

    Did the Animal Aid Charter get anyway with the Town Council btw?

  2. The Council adopted the Animal Welfare Policy on this link: http://www.aberystwyth.gov.uk/Core/Aberystwyth-Town-Council/Pages/Policies__and__Procedures_2.aspx

    Let me know if there are any specific ways you think it should be improved.