New Park & Ride for Aberystwyth agreed

A major new Park & Ride car park for the north-east side of Aberystwyth was today agreed by Ceredigion’s Development Control Committee.

The site will be a 200-space extension of the current hospital & university car park in Clarach Road, near the top of Penglais Hill, which opened earlier this year. This has proved to be well-used by hospital staff, many of whom have stopped using the shuttle and now use the walk from the car park to work as part of their fitness regime. The new extension will be opened up for use by the general public

The new car park, which will be funded by the Welsh government, is intended for long-stay commuter parking to relieve traffic congestion on the northern approach to town and to reduce the pressure on street parking which makes the lives of town residents very difficult and has led many people to move out of town altogether. It's viewed as a key part of the traffic management programme for Aberystwyth.

The plan is that the car park will operate from 6.30am–8pm with a bus service into town to support it.  The site will be barrier-controlled with no access after 8pm and car park lights switched off to avoid nuisance to local residents. The parking area will be shaped to preserve the wood close by.

The next priority for the Council’s Highways Department is now to find a site for a similar Park & Ride to the south of the town.


  1. Does this new out of town parking reduce the need for a multistorey car park in Mill Street and the displacement of the Day Centre?

    Why build a new car park out of town when anybody can park where they like in town due to the absence of traffic wardens?

  2. Will the new park be impervious tarmac like the current facility or will compliance with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems be required?

  3. Hi David,
    The Clarach Road car park is an attempt to reduce congestion in the town centre by giving commuters approaching from the north an alternative to queuing down Penglais Hill every morning before parking all day in residential streets. However 200 spaces is a drop in the ocean compared to the total parking demands on the town. There's still those coming from the south...and the east... Hopefully the current traffic warden situation won't be a long-term feature!:)