Bodlondeb - Cabinet decision due on Tuesday

Ceredigion Council’s controversial Feasibility Study into closing Bodlondeb Residential Home in Penparcau in favour of a new facility at Hafan y Waun has concluded that the idea is...wait for it....feasible. Well, what else did anyone expect from a Feasibility Study?

However the study, published yesterday, seems to show that the cost of re-furbishing Bodlondeb and avoiding the closure would not be the £300,000 first talked about but, in fact, only £268,000 over many years. The cost in the first four years is put at total of £113,400, a relatively small amount in terms of the County Council’s budget. On the other hand a new facility at Hafan y Waun would apparently cost £74,000 less per year to maintain.

The report includes submissions from a number of organisations critical of the proposals. Ystwyth Medical Group said,
“The local demographic is of an aged population with the trend likely to continue. The trend will lead to an increased demand for residential services in the future....The empty wing at Hafan y Waun gives an ideal opportunity for local EMI services to be provided as previously promised. At present vulnerable EMI patients are sent out of county, causing distress to the patients and their carers/family.”

The study concludes by saying that the move to Hafan y Waun, owned by Methodist Homes Association, is feasible but goes no further, simply recommending that the Cabinet gives this 'consideration'. The decision will therefore be a political one by members of the Council's Independent/Lib Dem/Labour Cabinet.

Another packed meeting in Penparcau last night, organised by Ceredigion Against the Cuts, agreed to demonstrate outside the County Council Offices in Aberaeron on Tuesday morning when the Council’s Cabinet meeting will be discussing the report. The meeting begins at 10am.

The feasibility study can be seen via this link. In the list of agenda items, click on Adroddiadau Adrannol Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol or Social Services Departmental Reports (depending on language) and go to page 80.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    It will be a shame if it does close as the impact will be felt both by the residents and the community in Penparcau. First this, then the police station & services with drawn (I doubt they'll be in the area half as much as when they had a base, the savings must be ridiculously low). Then the axe may fall on Communities First soon. I tend to agree with the article in the Cambrian News by Dylan Lewis, its seems to be less about re-generation and more about the de-generation of existing services.

    Hopefully both AMs Elin Jones and the local Penparcau_based Simon Thomas will be there, should be if he lives in Penparcau, a no show would be a bit of a gaff! Along with all of the local Penparcau Councillors.

    Article Below:
    The well attended public meeting held last Monday evening in St Anne's church hall, organised by Ceredigion Against The Cuts in support of retaining Bodlondeb as a residential care home, revealed the substantial extent and depth of opposition within the local community to Ceredigion County Council's review process. From a personal perspective drawing on my experience of growing up in Penparcau, Bodlondeb has always been an integral part of the local community, providing an essential source of local employment and also enabling members of the community to engage in a variety of activities for the benefit of the home's residents, most notably through the widely respected 'Friends of Bodlondeb' group. For the past nine years Penparcau (and West Aberystwyth) have been designated as a 'Communities First' area by the Welsh Assembly Government due to higher than average levels of socio-economic inequalities, with Ceredigion County Council acting as the local 'grant recipient body', providing a legal backbone for the project and employing it's staff. As community development and tackling social exclusion are the key objectives of the Communities First programme across Wales, Ceredigion are in effect reneging on their responsibilities as a grant recipient body by embarking on a process that could see jobs and services moved out of Penparcau, an area where jobs within the actual community are already scarce.......to close Bodlondeb and move it's staff elsewhere would have a serious detrimental effect to the on-going process of community development and regeneration. Political decision making that prioritises social justice and the development of sustainable communities is urgently required.... the residents of Bodlondeb, the community of Penparcau and the care needs of the wider population of North Ceredigion deserve nothing less.

    article by Dylan Lewis not me.

    Vice-Chair Aberystwyth & Penparcau Communities First Partnership

    Communities First Community Development Officer for Aberystwyth & Penparcau 2004-08