Bodlondeb saved

Ceredigion Council yesterday agreed not to close Bodlondeb residential home in Aberystwyth. The decision was taken at a closed Budget Workshop.

The meeting heard a range of options for finding the extra money required and, although a final decision was not taken on this, council officers agreed to go away and work on it. One option could be to increase Council Tax.

Council Leader Keith Evans, an unapologetic fiscal conservative, made his unhappiness at the decision clear but accepted the overwhelming view from both sides of the Council that Bodlondeb should remain open in response to a sustained public campaign of support. The Council are due to put out a press statement later today.


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    So, where's the money for Bodlondeb going to come from. What else will be cut?

  2. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    I'm not prepared to pay more council tax to keep Bodlondeb open. Maybe the protesters could explain where they think the money is supposed to come from. Something else will lose its funding instead - you may find that you are even more unhappy with where the axe falls instead.

  3. The proposals to move the Day Center from Mill Street to the Town Hall are similarly unpopular. Opposition has been expressed several times in correspondence to the Cambrian News and by an AM and our mayor. Will the Council now change their mind over this?

  4. DANT Y LLEWAugust 03, 2011

    Where will the money come from? Well, some of it could surely come from Parks and Gardens Department. At the moment Aberystwyth is smothered in bloomers - planters on pavements, flower boxes perched on railings, hanging baskets, neat borders etc. etc. A commendable effort by Council's gardeners but isn't it all a bit OTT. Which is more important - maintaining essential services or decorating Alexandra Road roundabout with flowers? Next year cut the flower bill in half and spend the money on Bodlondeb.

  5. There is an interesting case study in where money goes just north of Cwmerfyn where a 10m section of road is being repaired. According to a Council source(to protect the honest) this work will cost more than the value of the house adjacent (guess at 200k). Those more knowledgeable that I about matters of Civil Engineering(including some of the people actually doing the work) shake their heads at the validity of the solution and the architect who came up with a scheme costing in the region of double that which the situation required. Not to worry, it is only the Council Tax payers money anyway.

  6. Clive, I would suggest you need to get a more reliable source!