Major Welsh language rally in Aberystwyth

500 people turned out today in Aberystwyth for a major rally in support of the Welsh language organised by Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg

The rally also marked the 50th anniversary of the first demonstration for the language, on Trefechan Bridge. Lots more photos here.


  1. Roedd yn dda gweld Ellen ap Gwynne, arweinydd y Cyngor Sir, yno. Yn wahanol i Kevin Madge, arweinydd Cyngor Sir Caerfyrddin, ddaeth ddim yn agos at y digwyddiad yng Nghaerfyrddin.

  2. 1961 Census, 75% spoke Welsh in Ceredigion.
    2011 47%
    Not a singularly successful campaign, then.

    Fate of the Language:
    The proportion born in Wales in the county is now only 55%