Mill Street latest

This is the first artist's impression of the proposed Mill Street development in Aberystwyth, looking from in front of the current car park entrance in Park Avenue. On the roadside is Marks & Spencer with Tesco behind. Behind that is planned a 555 space multi-storey car park.

Arguments for and against the development can be seen on a previous post here.


  1. It reminds me of Reading, or Slough, or Milton Keynes, or some other bland town/city centre. If this project is being funded by the retailers concerned, then probably OK I suppose. If any subsidy of any kind is being provided by either Ceredigion or the Welsh Government then I can only disapprove.

  2. One of the things about this scheme is that there is no public subsidy involved.

    1. It is publically-owned land that is being sold. I think it is thus proper that the public has an interest in what is being done on their behalf. Do we want the family silver sold to a purveyor of horsemeat?

  3. Is the item on Mill Street from the last Cabinet Meeting now in the public domain?

    This picture is based on half of the Glyndwr Road houses being demolished. This is only likely to be possible with CPO powers. Some people think these would be an infringement of Civil Liberties in this case. Elin Jones was quoted over 1 year ago as being opposed to the use of these powers.

    The trees shown are pathetic.

  4. Comment sent by e-mail:
    It looks quite the monstrosity expected, dwarfing the adjoining houses and burying the poor old DC!

  5. Has the town council really got an extra 5K to spend on a 'rope maze'? I thought that there were cuts!

  6. Stuart ChappellFebruary 21, 2013

    The design of the scheme seems appropriate, the style of the buildings fit with the police station and the old college building in Aberystwyth. My main concern is the parking design. Mill street is the best place to park to access the town centre shops where a space is always available on Saturdays. A multi-storey car park isn't a lot of people's choice of parking. Not a good design for a Victorian Seaside town. Better too replace Tesco with Parking and put Tesco on the Park and Ride site.

  7. Today Tesco announced they are cutting 150 distribution jobs in Magor, South Wales but creating more in England. This will not please all your readers.