Whole lotta digging going on

There’s a lot of digging up of pavements going on in Aberystwyth at the moment:

Dig No 1
Superfast broadband
Most of the narrow trenches being dug in pavements around the town relate to the installation of Superfast Broadband. This is due to come on stream in Aberystwyth by the Summer and most of the rest of Ceredigion by the end of the year. It should significantly enhance the speed of internet downloads. The whole process is explained on this link

Dig No 2
Coed Aber
This is the second phase of the Coed Aber tree planting programme aimed at creating a tree-lined avenue on the main approach road into the town. It's being funded by the Welsh Government after the scheme was put together by the Greener Aberystwyth Group working together with Ceredigion Council and the (then) Forestry Commission. The spade work is being done by Ceredigion Council.

Dig No 3
Llanbadarn-Aberystwyth shared use path
This is is the final phase of footway widening between Llanbadarn Fawr level crossing and Plas Crug bridge which will enable the whole length to become a dual pedestrian/cycle path.

So, a lot of digging going on around the town. And all of it good in my view. And I haven’t even mentioned Alexandra Road...


  1. Actually, you did mention Alexandra Road, right at the end there. Which gives me a chance to complain.

    The long-distance bus services to Cardigan and Carmarthen, as well as the 585 local service to Lampeter, use stand 7 at the bus station. In my opinion, that stand should not be used, as it is on the wrong side of the road without a direct safe walking route to the rest of the station. If you have a tight connection, it is tempting to run straight out across the road, this makes it potentially dangerous. We need a zerba/puffin/pelican crossing direct from stand 7 to the station or stand 1.

    Or, better yet, stop using stand 7 and instead make more use of stands 5 and 6 (which don't seem to have many services using them) or stop outside the front of the station (where the current works are) or take over part of the taxi rank at the side of the station. Of course the latter two options wouldn't provide a bus shelter, but the station provides better weather protection than bus shelters anyway.

  2. Stand 7 is 20 yards from a zebra crossing to the rest of the station and 50 yards from a pelican crossing (which is just about to get easier to cross than before, once the work's finished). As these things go, that's not bad. I used them myself today. I don't think the other stands have enough capacity to take the buses from Stand 7, which tends to take the longer buses, sometimes two at a time. The previous equivalent stop was150 yards up the road which, quite rightly, has been discontinued.

    The front of the station (some of which is in private ownership) is going to become a pedestrian area (a big improvement in my view) and the taxi rank is going to be reduced slightly in size so no capacity for buses there.

    Sorry to disagree. However I'll pass your comments on so the department knows the views being expressed and can bear them in mind.

    1. True, there is the zerba crossing, but I did say that what is missing is a DIRECT safe walking route. Yes it is 20 yards to the zebra crossing, but to reach stand 1 via that zebra crossing totals more like 90, and to the railway station entrance 150 yards. You cannot get from Stand 7 to the pelican crossing without crossing a road junction, which I think is harder to cross than Alexandra Road itself.

      I agree however that the previous location for the Carmarthen and Cardigan services was dreadful. However, the present stand 7 is almost as bad. Stand 7 is closer by the direct route, but the direct routes are equally unsafe in both cases.

      The front of the station becoming a pedestrian area isn't a bad idea if somewhere sensible can be found to put the buses. I don't think the few services which use stands 5 & 6 need both. The most likely solution I can see is to make those services use either 5 OR 6 and move the Cardigan and Carmarthen services to the other. That just leaves the 585, and I wouldn't be supprised if you could squeese that into one of stands 2-6 (stand 1 is quite busy with the 03 service appearing seemingly at any time).