Trawslink Cymru - y cyfarfod nesaf yn yr ymgyrch


  1. I am away that day, would love to attend, it would be facinating to hear what is going on. Being realistic for a moment, there are 2 quite important questions

    1. If getting a cycle track to follow the route of the old railway (think Trawsgoed to Bont) because of influential land owners is beyond the ability of man, then reinstating a railway is going to be an entertaining challange.

    2. What happens to the cycle path

    The railway closed 3 years before I was born, I would be very happy indeed to see it reopen in my lifetime, but expect it will not.

  2. By what means would the railway cross the river at Aber, and then go past Pendinas ? Surely the old route is now impassable ?. Has anyone ever reconstructed the route rather than wished for it ? . Let's concentrate on better roads from the south.

  3. Hi Clive,
    Those of us who campaigned for the creation of the Ystwyth Cycle Trail always said one of the benefits was that the trail preserved most of the route of the old railway line for potential future use. Having said that, any new line would be very unlikely to follow all of the route of the old trains, chugging, as they did, from stop to stop.
    I acknowledge that building a new line seems like a big ask, but it's great to see a really visionary, positive campaign for a change. The big thing a new line has in its favour is that it wouldn't just benefit those of us living in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire but could invigorate the whole Welsh rail network.

    Yes, the specifics do look difficult. But anything is possible, given the money. That's why the first hurdle is the funding of a feasibility study so we know what we're dealing with. A new line would certainly be cheaper than the proposed new M4 link road.