Council acknowledges street rubbish problem

Ceredigion Council has acknowledged that litter from black bags has increased recently in Aberystwyth and says it is actively looking at solutions.

In response to concerns expressed by someone working in the Pier Street area, a senior Environmental Services Officer writes,

"Like you, I am concerned about the problems that appear to have escalated in Aberystwyth in recent weeks. The situation was particularly bad on Tuesday but we haven’t been able to identify the exact cause. It has been suggested that quantities of refuse had been placed out by some landlords cleaning properties earlier vacated by students, although this has not been substantiated.

"There are ongoing discussions with colleagues in the Housing Division and the Highways Property and Works Department to try to identify measures that the County Council can implement that will help to address the problems. However we do need the cooperation of local residents, landlords, property owners, businesses, etc. I’m not convinced that everyone in the town places a sufficiently high priority on civic and community pride. This is a challenge if the ambitions of the Aberystwyth Master Plan are to be realised.

"A programme of activity is being prepared by the County Council for the coming months to raise awareness and focus people’s minds on appropriate ways to store and present their refuse for collection. We are also engaging with various individuals and groups who have an interest in or could offer collaborative and sustainable solutions to a complex issue that does not have a single answer."

[Thanks to Harry James for the picture]