Sue Jones-Davies voted Mayor of Aberystwyth

Plaid Cymru's Sue Jones-Davies has been voted the new mayor of Aberystwyth for 2008/09. Sue is a highly respected personality in the town, a former actress who now teaches yoga amongst many other things. She represents the Bronglais area. She was elected unanimously by the Town Council following the recent resignation of Lorrae Jones-Southgate.

Meanwhile, the former Mayor's resignation letter has been released by the Council....

Mr Town Clerk and fellow councillors,

It is with great deliberation and sadness that in the light of the outcome of the unfortunate by-election in my Rheidol ward, where I have proudly stood as their Town Councillor these past four years and having served this Town of Aberystwyth with honour and pride. The dedication I have given to my position of Mayor and Deputy, before that as Mayoress goes without saying. I was immensely proud of having a second term of office as Mayor for 2008/2009. Sadly I now find that I do not have the full support of many of my fellow Liberal Democrat Councillors and the members of our Local and Executive branch to stand as their selected candidate for County Council in my ward being Rheidol ward; thus find myself in this impossible situation. Thus it leaves me with no other choice that after much thought and immense sadness I resign from Aberystwyth Town Council, thus relinquishing my Chains of Office.

I wish to express my gratitude to our excellent Town Clerk and Assistant, both Jim Griffiths and Carol Prime, for the great support and hard work during my affiliation with them. I pray you will continue to support and respect them as they very much deserve to be.

I had great vision for our new Town Council and for the future development and betterment of our beautiful Town and my name of Aberystwyth of which I had great pride and even greater pride in my self-respect and good name.

I wish you my fellow councillors well in the future and that my participation and contribution will be remembered with respect. One has to make great personal sacrifices when holding high office and when you stand as a Representative of the people who elect you to do so.

Therefore, I am now going to stand down in order to concentrate on my family life and my University degrees in politics and law, and ensuring that both my children succeed in their University years with my undivided love and support.

My best wishes to you all
it is with much regret.

Lorrae Jones-Southgate