Ysbyty Diweddaraf / Hospital Latest

Bronglais Hospital has revealed modifications to their plans for a major new extension. At a recent meeting with local residents, attended by 35 people, the scheme's architect explained that the new block would be set back five metres from Caradog Road compared to the current Biochem Lab and that a small garden would be created between the Ty Geraint palliative care centre and the road. They also intend stripping the white wall in front of the Biochem Lab to reveal the slate underneath.

These adjustments to the plans met with approval from the meeting. However there was dismay that, despite putting an extra layer on the bottom car park, the hospital now intends to provide just 22 extra car parking spaces compared to the present. This figure is a considerable reduction on the originally proposed 70 extra spaces. When questioned about this the hospital cited the contraints of the site and the need to provide large parking spaces for the disabled.

The meeting asked the architect to consider reducing the overhang of the building, painting it a light colour and providing a pathway for people to want to walk from Caradog Road to Penglais.

The latest announcement from the Health Minister is here: