£10.3m for Aberystwyth Regeneration

The National Assembly yesterday announced funding of £10.3 million over three years to help the regeneration of Aberystwyth.

Last October, the Assembly Government announced that Aberystwyth had been designated a Strategic Regeneration Area (SRA), which involves creating a specific regeneration plan for the town and surrounding area.

Yesterday, Plaid Cymru’s Deputy Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Jocelyn Davies (pictured), visited Aberystwyth to announce £10.3 million in capital funding for the project over the next three financial years. Earlier in the day she had helped launch the Tai Ceredigion housing association at an event in Felinfach which was well attended by tenants.

The SRA action plan will encompass five key themes –
* the town,
* seafront and promenade
* housing,
* employment
* travel

A consultation will be held with key stakeholders on the plan.

Ceredigion’s Assembly Member Elin Jones said:
“I’m very pleased that the Minister took time to visit Aberystwyth today to announce this significant funding, which will give a welcome boost to businesses in the town. These regeneration plans will also help establish Aberystwyth as the capital for Mid Wales and I look forward to see the action plan once it’s complete”.

Plaid’s General Election candidate Penri James added:
“Many other areas in Wales have already benefited from being designated as a Strategic Regeneration Area. I hope that the benefits can be replicated once again in the Aberystwyth area and that every effort will be made to take the views of local residents and businesses into account while the plan is being developed”.

This last point is particularly important and people will be watching with interest. In the first instance the funding looks to be a real boost for the planned development at Mill Street car park.